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Course   Course Aims   Awards
Beginners   Non Swimmer to gain water skills
(Shallow end)
  Water skills - Grade 1
Advanced Beginners   Developing strokes
(Shallow end)
  Distances 5 -10m
Advanced Beginners 1   Developing water skills and strokes
(shallow end)
  Water skills - Grade 2
Distances 25- 50m
Advanced Beginners 2   Ability to swim on front and back in deep water, this includes stroke technique and advanced water skills
(Shallow / Deep end)
  Water skills - Grade 3
Distances 50 - 100m
Improvers   Ability to swim all four strokes, to develop and increase speed and stamina.
Diving (Deep end)
  Water skills - Grade 4
Distances 100 - 400m
Stroke Technique   To gain confidence in four strokes, increase efficiency and stamina.
Diving (Deep end)
  Water skills - Grade 5 & 6
Distance 400 - 1000m
Elite Swimmers   Fitness, developing confidence on starts and turns to increase speed and efficiency on all strokes. Personal survival skills etc.
(Deep end)
  Personal Survival 1 & 2
Swimming Challenge Awards
Distance 2000m
The SquadFitness, effficiency on all strokesSprints + Distance

The start age for courses is 4 years

All swimmers receive a FREE hat on first enrolment
Replacement hats are available at 5.00 from your swimming teacher


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For insurance purposes all payments must be made before the start of the course. Swimmers will not be allowed into the water unless payments have been received.